Job Title: General Sales Manager GSM

reports directly to: CEO

About Us

We are the nation's largest Foodtruck and Trailer manufacturer with over 300,000 sf of facilities in S. Orlando. Our Facility is retail and fast paced with a lot of foot, phone and internet traffic. We are booming!

Duties & Responsibilities

The General Manager is responsible for directing, building, projecting, overseeing and meeting all aspects of the sales process for One Fat Frog Foodtrucks. The GM will also oversee all aspects of company growth in Sales & Finance Departments for Entrepreneurial line by implementing plans and supervising staff. GM will lead & grow team in a positive manner managing hiring, onboarding, holding daily team meetings and weekly training. Additionally will perform any duties as necessary.

We will teach food service industry but expect the well qualified candidate to be a natural closer, world class diplomat, problem solver and extremely fair person. We are a company of soft closers, many deals are one shot closes. We have an internal marketing, advertising and you are responsible growing our Sales and BDC department staff. While we are always looking to expand, our current lead system is functioning strong and the main focus is increased close rate. Ideal candidate may come from automotive industry, recreational vehicles, or finance. Spanish language preferred. Sandler training preferred.

Company is poised for huge growth this year and is one of the largest Foodtruck manufacturer in the United States at 300,000 square feet. The General Sales Manager will be instrumental in this continued growth process and leading the team. This is an excellent position for an individual with great experience and the heart to create and build a strong program of inside and outside sales.

General Manager (GM) Job Description

The General Sales Manager is responsible for profitability in food trucks, equipment sales & service and for customer satisfaction. To achieve this, they must effectively manage personnel, have a strong knowledge of the market, and an in-depth understanding of all sales departments’ financial data as well as strong customer relations skills. GM must be a world class TO/ Closer. This is not a desk jockey position. We are a high volume and fast paced dealership with heavy foot traffic.

We have a growing Latin Sales division so the ability to communicate & close in Spanish is preferable. Current staff members speak German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and American Sign Language; it's not unusual to sit at tables with two or more languages. Support staff is diverse bilingual group.

You should have experience in Salesforce (or related CRM) and be well organized, with a superior memory and excellent computer skills.

Oh, did we mention you must have a great sense of humor?

We are industry disruptors so if you're looking for a corporate position that is highly structured you'll be disappointed. We expect you to help create the structure and implement it as we grow.

The GM is expected to uphold the highest ethical standards in every aspect of the job. We operate a lot by "doing the right thing" and we've been called hippies a time or two. It's true, sometimes we help out non-for-profit clients because it's the right thing to do (we have a pet charity that is a local homeless shelter). We don't wear ties to work, either. A few of your sales managers will try to wear sweater vests and we let them do it to make them happy. Our team is motivated, positive and driven.

We believe in The Secret and the power of positivity. If this is you then we're your home.

We believe in being Persons of Excellence. This means we have a spirit of continuous improvement. We make sure to be better tomorrow than we are today. You are an excellent leader. You are easy going, you are driven, you believe in the hustle.

Job Duties

Job duties for our GM include:

  • Working closely on a daily basis with Sales floor and support staff, this means in the trenches closing deals, shaking hands and kissing babies. You must be experienced in both one shot and long-cycle closes. You must have experience in regularly closing deals $50-100k.
  • Creating the annual sales forecasts by estimating total sales, gross and operating profits as well as expenses for equipment, food truck and other sales departments.
  • Meeting with sales managers to plan and implement objectives for achieving sales and profits on a daily basis.
  • Managing sales floor on a daily basis with a high level of interaction and functionality of a closer
  • Hiring and monitoring the performance of the sales managers, BDC and support staff, holding weekly sales meetings and conducting sales training.
  • Interview, train and onboard new staff
  • Overseeing standards for displaying and merchandising both new and used vehicles as well as reviewing promotions.
  • Coordinating with Production Manager, Ops, Delivery and Service for a seamless customer experience
  • Meeting weekly with management team to manage business scaling.
  • Working directly with the management team on making recommendations on both short and long-range plans, sales promotions, staffing needs, advertising, lease promotions and compensation plans.
  • Attending to customer needs, ensuring that a high level of customer satisfaction is obtained.
  • Attend industry trade shows and community service events.

Job Requirements

It is recommended GM have 5 years or more proven experience in a dealership sales environment. Additionally, sales managers need to be experienced & comfortable managing multiple departments and people.

-maintain the profitability of their while controlling expenses and maintaining customer satisfaction.

-understand and keep abreast of the federal, state, and local regulations that affect their operations, but must also comply with these regulations.

-strong communication skills to deal with customers, employees and vendors, as they represent the Frog.

- work extended hours, evenings and weekends to achieve their goals. Due to client demand we are expanding our hours. Business in through the roof!

-will train and work toward CFSP and other industry certifications while encouraging staff.

-administrative support staff assigned to department.

Education Requirements

HS diploma or equivalent is required, college degree is preferred.

A strong background in business, mathematics & computers is also useful.

Salary Range

Exceptional base salary plus commission & incentive bonus based on team performance, growth & quotas.


One Fat Frog offers health and dental insurance, 401K, and paid vacation.